I Let You Go

Earlier this year I read and enjoyed Clare Mackintosh’s psychological thriller I See You. I Let You Go is Mackintosh’s first novel.

I Let You Go, follows an investigation into a hit and run, where a 5 year old boy was killed. The narrative shifts between the police investigation and Jenna, who needs to focus on restarting her life following the trauma she has been through. It is full of twists and turns and I don’t really want to explain too much of the plot as it is best left spoiler-free.

This was an absolutely brilliant book; once I’d picked it up it was hard to put down. Every part of the story was fascinating, and I enjoyed the fact that the characters were fully developed for the reader, including the officers investigating the case. Here, you can really see the impact of Mackintosh’s police background as she brings the justice process to life for the reader.

Hard-hitting, unsettling, it sometimes makes for uncomfortable reading, but it is a real page-turner and a book I would highly recommend.


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