‘The Witness’ Nora Roberts

I’ve never read any books by Nora Roberts before and if I’m honest, my reaction to this novel was mixed.

Abigail Lowery has a secret that she guards very carefully. Aged just 16, a moment of teenage rebellion ended disastrously when she witnessed a murder by the Russian mafia. Ever since then she has been in hiding, carefully guarding herself from outsiders and continually putting up barriers. Police chief Brooks Gleeson may be about to change that, but can Abigail let her guard down enough to let someone in? And can she ever be free from the past?

I really enjoyed the first 100 or so pages of this book. It was fast-paced, dramatic, and appeared to set up a scenario that would make for an exciting page-turner. However, after that the pace slowed and the rest of the storyline felt like a bit of a let-down. It focused more on the romance than on the mafia storyline, which seemed to lead absolutely nowhere. Also, when I say romance, I actually found the main male character Brooks to be pushy, controlling and annoying; it felt more like harrassment than romance. 

Overall, a great start but a disappointing ending and a middle section that lacked pace. It wouldn’t put me off reading anything else by Roberts (other reviews I’ve read suggest maybe this isn’t her best) but I wouldn’t read this particular book again.


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