The Birds and the Bees

I lovw Milly Johnson’s books for a bit of light-hearted romance and this was perfect for a quick summer read.

Stevie is shocked when she discovers that her fiance Matthew has disappeared on a holiday with his beautiful friend Jo. Even more so as it’s Jo’s angry husband Adam who delivers the news. Both Adam and Stevie blame each other for the affair at first, believing the various stories Jo has fed them about how the other behaves. Adam and Stevie soon decide that the best plan for getting their respective partners back involves teaming up to work together. 

Sweet, romantic and funny; I read this book in two evenings and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were no particular surprises, the book followed a pattern that has long been established by the author, and yet that is part of its charm – you know things will work out in the end. Definitely one for chilling out and forgetting the world for a few hours.


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