The Silent Fountain

The Silent Fountain follows two central characters: Vivien Lockhart, a 1970s film star and Lucy Whittaker in the present day, whose life has dissolved into scandal following an affair. Both women have secrets to hide, and both find themselves at the mysterious Castillo Barbarossa in Italy, a home with a dark past and secrets of its own. 

The dual storylines of this novel make for a suspense-filled book; each switch in time/character adds its own cliffhanger and there are plenty of twists in the plot. As I read it I found myself changing my mind about characters and ideas frequently, and often completely drawn in by the latest twist. It made for fast-paced reading and I was drawn on to the end, desperate to see where the twists and turns would lead me.

The mysteries in the novel are enhanced by the gothic setting and themes (creepy mansion, locked doors, a madwoman in the attic) and the end result is an intriguing (although ultimately tragic) book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, from beginning to end. A good choice for a summer-read.


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