The Company of Ghosts

When I picked this book up, I thought it looked really interesting, and couldn’t wait to get started; I loved the idea of a ghost story set on a mysterious island.

The Company of Ghosts tells the story of Ellie, who travels to a mysterious isolated island with George, but soon finds herself entirely alone. Except she soon comes to discover that she’s not as alone as she first thought. Ellie needs to unpick the mystery of the girl who appears all over the island: who was she and why does she keep visiting Ellie?

As always with books written for young adults, I feel I need to be careful in being too critical, as it was not written with someone like me in mind, but for young people. However, I still felt a little disappointed in the book.

The second half was great, and we actually get into the ghostly goings-on, but this was rushed at times and could have done with more development. And what of the first half? Well, it was a little implausible that Ellie would travel to such a remote place with people she’d never met, but leaving that aside, it just read more like a romance novel than a ghost story. It was slow going and I almost abandoned the book altogether at one point.

There were good points to the book as well though: the language was good, with rich descriptions; the tense atmosphere worked well, especially in the second half, and Ellie’s descriptions of how she would paint the things around her were lovely.

Overall, an interesting idea, but the first half was just too slow and plodding to make it a book I’d enjoy.