Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

For many reasons it has taken me a while to write my review of this book, which I actually finished back in November.

I must be one of the few people who haven’t read Flynn’s massively popular ‘Gone Girl’, although I have seen the film adaptation so I was expecting this to be similarly dark, with unexpected twists.

And in that way it didn’t disappoint. In fact it was incredibly dark; at times a little too dark for my taste. The story follows the now grown-up only survivor of a family massacre, Libby Day. She is invited to speak to a group about what happened to her and is then lead into investigating whether her brother is as guilty as she believed  (and testified to).

It is exciting and dramatic and a page turner but it is also a deeply unsettling and disturbing story with very few (if any) likeable characters within it. The ending left me a little disappointed too, but to go into why would ruin the story for anyone yet to experience it.

Give it a go if you enjoy page-turners but be prepared to find some highly unsettling ideas within.


2 thoughts on “Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

  1. I loved the book, but found the ending a little disappointing too – it’s hard to explain why without giving away spoilers for other people. I’d be interested to know if we both have the same issues with it, though…

    This was the second Gillian Flynn novel I read, and I have realised that the pattern with her writing is that by page 10 you think to yourself ‘Wow, this is really bleak’, but by page 100 you find yourself longing for the ‘good old’ days of page 10…

    1. It is definitely one of those books that leave you feeling the world must be a pretty dark, bleak place!

      I found the ending just a bit… too coincidental I think.

      I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by any of this given the title.

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