The brand new Hercule Poirot mystery… mostly made me long for the good old Poirot mysteries


The release of any book based on another author’s work is always tricky business. Will it live up to the original? Will the characters meet our expectations?

This is not a terrible book; it’s mostly well – written (although I dislike the fact that the 1st person narrator seems able to have an omniscient knowledge of everything that happens when he is not there), it tells a fairly interesting story and the character of Poirot is recognisable.

However, it’s just not Agatha Christie. It doesn’t match up to the originals and at times is overly convoluted. It’s also too long. One of the joys of Christie’s Poirot novels is that they are easily accessed and can be read in a day or two – before you start losing track of who exactly the suspects are. I also have to say that I did not find the narrator particularly likeable; which isn’t always necessary, but in this case I found him to be distinctly annoying.

It is however successful in one very big way – it has made me want to turn back to Christie’s original Poirot stories.