‘Moriarty’ by Anthony Horowitz – just brilliant!


Writing a new Sherlock Holmes novel must be a daunting task for any writer, even one with Anthony Horowitz’s crime-writing credentials. However, anyone who has read ‘The House of Silk’ (Horowitz’s first Holmes novel) surely can’t deny that he not only managed it, but incredibly successfully.

‘Moriarty’ is Horowitz’s second ‘Holmes’ novel, although to call it that is not entirely accurate as Holmes is notably absent (or is he? *cough, cough*), the action taking place in the time period immediately following Holmes’ apparent death at the Reichenbach Falls. Instead it follows Inspector Athelney Jones and Pinkerton’s agent Frederick Chase as they attempt to track down American super-villain Clarence Devereux who is attempting to fill the void left by Moriarty’s death. They follow a twisted trail, involving a series of gruesome murders, where nothing is quite as it seems to be. I wouldn’t want to mention any further details of the plot as it is really best discovered for yourself.

The end result is a brilliant addition to the Holmes stories, full of everything you would expect in the genre. I will most definitely be recommending this book to everyone; it is well worth a read.


Easy-read chick-lit… a bit on the disappointing side: ‘It’s Raining Men’

I’ve read a few of Milly Johnson’s books in the past, finding them to be easy to read and enjoyable – great for when I am feeling too distracted to really concentrate on over-complicated plots and complex language. The books are often about second chances and finding love in unexpected places and this one stuck to that same formula, although it just didn’t quite live up to what I was expecting.

It tells the story of 3 women who book a holiday at a luxury spa, only to find that a mistake with the travel agent has left them in a run-down town in the middle of nowhere – certainly not the spa experience they were hoping for. The town also seems to hold some mysteries, which the inhabitants are determined to keep to themselves, making them not very welcoming to the newcomers.

Where this book differs to previous ones that I’ve read by the same author is that there is a strange ‘mermaid’ sub-plot (yes, you did read that correctly) that just doesn’t fit with the genre I was expecting from the book. Overall, it was disappointing. Not at all what I was expecting.153