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Enjoyable easy-read

During the summer I always like to pick up a quick-read or two; something romantic and girly that doesn’t require any thinking whatsoever. I’ve read a few of Milly Johnson’s other books so when I saw ‘The Teashop on the Corner’ I thought I’d give it a go as one of my summer reads.

I actually read most of this on the train and it was perfect for that purpose – not so complex that the various distractions made me lose sense of the plot. It tells a similar story to a lot of her other books; it’s all about people finding second chances at happiness when they least expect it.

The story is at times over-contrived and highly improbable, and the attempts at describing banter over literature seem stilted and anything-but-natural but I enjoyed it and it even drew a tear from me at the end. It won’t be staying on my bookshelf in the long term, but it provided a welcome distraction for a few days.

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